Haulotte new sound identity

A way to reinforce the brand image

This post is 4 ans old.

True extension of the visual identity, the sound charter musically translates the Haulotte values. In order to understand how the Group has worked on this identity. We met the team of the communication department, Carine Ploton (Corporate Communication Manager) and Ludivine Beraud (Senior Communication Manager).

You unveiled your new sound identity in mid-September, when you moved into your new headquarters called H3, why at such a time?

This launch is just the beginning of the journey. We have taken the opportunity of moving into our new headquarters to make it an identity marker in the history of our Group. As with any new product, the sound signature will take time to be rolled out internationally. Above all, our desire is to share this dynamic and uplifting music and to instil positive energy in our clients, partners and of course all the Haulotte teams.

How was the thought process leading to this sound identity carried out?

The project started 18 months ago, driven by our Executive Committee. This sound identity has been added to our graphic charter to reinforce our image. It was not intended to be a « free electron » concept that would be added to the other elements of the brand without taking into account the brand’s DNA. It had to be a strong element of the brand in the same way as the name, logo and slogan. The aim is to create a powerful synergy with the image and more globally with the Group’s visual communication.

Its creation has been inspired by the strengths of the brand to bring an audible dimension that is singular and distinctive. The sound charter is a profound revelation of the brand’s culture and makes it possible to address our entire ecosystem regardless of cultural differences. It integrates sounds associated with elevation and working at height with a few synthesised sounds reminiscent of the innovation and digitalisation of our activities.

We are convinced that this positive and catchy music will capture the attention of our image-saturated societies.

How was the thought process leading to this sound identity carried out?

Having a sound identity means ensuring better control of Groupe Haulotte’s image on all communication media and offering itself incremental visibility. This sound signature is unique and easily memorable, it allows the company to stand out from its competitors.

On what media will your customers and partners find this catchy and dynamic music?

Of course it will be the music on hold at the switchboards at the Group’s head office and subsidiaries, it will accompany our presence at various events (trade fairs, open days, customer events, etc.), and the sound gimmick will identify all our video supports. We do not close the door to our creativity to broadcast it on other media!

Putting the brand to music is an asset in order to move from brand awareness to brand preference!

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