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Interview with Rémi Heidelberger

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En collaboration avec le bureau d’études et le département de recherche et développement du groupe, Rémi Heidelberger est responsable des solutions et produits de marketing department .

« We are responsible for the group's value proposition: a team of product managers who work on a daily basis to adapt the Haulotte brand's offer to market evolution. »

What are the major challenges facing the Haulotte group today?

Our first challenge is to constantly improve the customer experience: the users and renters of our lifts and telescopic booms. Professionals who use our machines every day to work at heights – painters, masons, carpenters, electricians, etc. – generally switch from one brand of leased equipment to another, often within a very short period of time.

In this context, our #1 objective is to listen, through targeted marketing approaches, to our customers, prospects and end users around the world. This process of gathering their feedback allows us to develop a strategic roadmap rich in differentiation and innovation. Beyond the organic growth of the construction market, and of the industry and infrastructure, the Access market is naturally developing through machine usage habits, China is a very good example.

And in partnership with our rental customers, we are also working on improving the final cost of ownership of our machines (TCO*), on our financing offers, fleet takeovers, fleet management consulting, spare parts, service contracts, etc.

What are the Haulotte Group's current priorities in terms of development?

Our marketing plan is built on 4 major pillars of brand development, products and solutions:


Innovation, for a better customer experience.


Electrification of all new platform architectures, which is already the case for 70% of them. The launch of the Pulseo generation of 100% electric off-road machines will quickly enable Haulotte to offer a global offer.


The development of digital applications and digital services. For example, Haulotte will launch the first bricks of its telematics offerings in 2020.


The expansion of the machine offer and accessories to new segments and applications

What about ecology and environmental protection?

It is also a major subject, taken into consideration in a transversal way in all our development axes. With the launch of the Pulseo Generation, the group made a commitment to eventually replace our thermal energy range with « Blue » electric energy machines. Another major challenge is the systematic reduction of noise emissions to preserve the comfort of users and residents.

In your opinion, what makes Haulotte different in the market today?

The technology of Haulotte machines: their operating flexibility, driving ergonomics, robustness and ease of use are a real « plus » for our customers. Haulotte machines are designed to lift people to a height that often involves risks. Users must be confident with maximum security. The DNA of our products lies in safety, it is an absolute priority, it governs all our attention. When working at different heights, on different machine models, whether at 8 metres, 20 metres or 43 metres, you first want to feel confident and be able to concentrate on your job, whatever it is.

What also differentiates us is our capacity for innovation, but the objective is not to make innovation for our own satisfaction. In close collaboration with our partners, for example, we are working hard to improve our human-machine interfaces with a view to maximum safety.

In terms of security, what have you developed that is more important than others?

We have deliberately chosen to address our innovations to a large part of the ecosystem, not only to the users of our equipment, but to all the actors who intervene or interact with them. Several innovations are aimed at increasing the security of our different types of users:

For transporters as well as night workers, we have developed the lighting system: Haulotte Activ’Lighting System.

Loading and unloading a machine from a truck is a delicate procedure, especially in conditions of limited visibility, such as at dusk or sunrise. Perfectly integrated, our system makes it possible to illuminate the control panels and the environment near the machine in order to understand manoeuvres more easily, which saves time and safety for deliveries made by rental companies.

Haulotte Activ'Lighting System
Haulotte Activ'Shield Bar

For all those who work at heights, Haulotte innovates to enable them to work safely and optimally. Among the latest equipment available, we can mention: Haulotte Activ’Shield Bar. This bar provides additional protection that minimizes the risk of crushing for the operator without compromising productivity. Perfectly integrated into the protective cover of the high desk, it combines simplicity and robustness.

For all its customers, Haulotte also develops free Apps for smartphones and tablets that make their work easier wherever they are :

Quick positioning, an app available on iOS and Android that allows you to identify the boom best suited to the evolution zone and the work zone that the customer wants to reach.

Haulotte Diag, an application that allows maintenance technicians to perform wireless diagnostics on all Haulotte machines.

Quick Positioning App
Haulotte_DIAG_MEWP_Service_MEWP_Market Listening
Haulotte Diag App
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