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Haulotte has just launched in November the HS15/18 E and HS15/18 E PRO scissor lifts, new models in the rough-terrain, fully electric PULSEO generation. On this occasion, Ludivine Beraud and Anne-Florence Rossignol give us a behind-the-scenes look at this major international launch.

Ludivine Beraud, Haulotte senior communication manager :

She joined the group in February 2019. She is in charge of external communication for all Haulotte products and services.


Anne-Florence Rossignol, Operational Marketing Product Manager :

She has been with Haulotte for 5 years. She is in charge of the promotion and enhancement of the offer both externally and internally.

You actively participated in the launch of the new model of the PULSEO range, can you already tell us a little bit more about this machine?

Haulotte PULSEO scissor lift HS18 E PRO

Ludivine Beraud :

We have just launched four new scissor lifts, which expand the PULSEO family. They are both rough-terrain and fully electric machines. These new models are a concentrate of innovation without equivalent on the market.

Anne-Florence Rossignol :

The new PULSEO electric scissors combine rough-terrain performance equivalent to thermal machines with the advantages of electricity. They operate silently and emission-free, which offers real comfort to our users and opens up new opportunities for us. This launch is part of Haulotte’s blue strategy to develop machines that are more environmentally friendly and more versatile.

How was this big launch orchestrated?

Haulotte HS15/18 E brochure & iPad - launch

Ludivine Beraud :

The communication and operational marketing departments are working hand in hand to coordinate the launch of the new machines. For the new PULSEO scissors, we have continued what we have started three years ago with the HA20 LE articulated platform: the tone and the graphic charter are identical. Based on the information provided by the marketing product manager and the project team, we build the value proposition and determine the main lines of communication. The editorial line will be identical on all communication supports.

Anne-Florence Rossignol :

The next step is to determine which communication media are relevant. The aim is to provide varied, attractive and effective tools. In the context of the PULSEO scissors, for example, we shot a commercial video, produced a brochure, redesigned the website dedicated to the PULSEO generation. We also need to provide our sales staff with tangible evidence of the benefits of our machines. In this context, we rent out competing machines to compare their performance. We went out on a wasteland to demonstrate that even with full electric power, our rough-terrain capabilities are amazing!

Since 2018, our sales representatives have all been equipped with iPads with the Showcase application, which allows them to carry all the sales support material with them at all times.

How does the shooting of a commercial video work?

Ludivine Beraud :

We are fortunate to rely on competent and professional external service providers (see box below). Studio Bouquet, which has already produced the film of the first PULSEO HA20 LE articulated aerial platform, has once again supported us. Shooting a video requires flawless organization! You have to identify the shooting locations, write the script, recruit extras internally, coordinate logistics and plan the working days in detail. Of course, there are always unforeseen events! By alternating rough-terrain sequences and indoor applications, we used a certain number of rags to brick the platform… We also had to deal with the weather: it was so hot that we used 12 liters of water in 1 day to shoot the sequences on rough-terrain performance and productivity of the platforms.

Anne-Florence Rossignol : 

Yes, the shootings are always very intense! No shooting is the same, despite the preparation, we always face unexpected events… When we arrived in front of our last shooting place, we had to dismantle the guardrails of the machine because the entrance was not high enough … but everything is possible with good mood! On the shootings, our role is to make sure that the operators carry out all the operations by applying strict safety rules, guide the service providers on what we want to highlight… And we often even become operators, we then go up with our videographers on the platforms in order to be able to make high shots, which allows us to better highlight the applications and make the videos more dynamic.

Precisely, how is the communication campaign set up?

Ludivine Beraud :

In addition to technical data sheets, video and sales brochures, we use all the communication channels at our disposal: websites (with the Haulotte site and a dedicated site www.pulseo-generation.com), social networks, press relations, etc. We need to build the increase in public interest with teasers, exclusive interviews in the pre-launch phase.

Anne-Florence Rossignol :

We also organize events to accompany our launches and give our customers the opportunity to discover and test our machines. With the sanitary context this is obviously more complicated. Our new head office is equipped with a showroom in which our machines are exposed. It is a very nice showcase to come and discover our new products and we are looking forward to receiving our customers there.

Let's focus on our partner...

Studio Bouquet

Created in 1967 in Saint-Etienne (France), Studio Bouquet specializes in the creation and production of images (videos, photos and web) for major industrial brands.

Paul Sabot, commercial director and co-manager of Studio Bouquet answered our questions.

When and how did you start working on the new PULSEO generation?

In 2016. We first conducted a series of interviews with Haulotte engineers and technicians who were working on the prototypes of the first PULSEO HA20 LE aerial work platform. These interviews, intended for internal communication and training purposes, allowed them to discover the architecture of this new machine in pictures, with details on each of the innovations equipping them.

In 2018 we then produced the commercial video for the launch of the machine. The Haulotte Group naturally contacted us again for the launch of the PULSEO scissors.

What are the particularities of shootings like these?

They are complex realizations because we are on innovative and ultra-perfected machines which correspond to a multitude of applications.
We shoot both indoors and outdoors under real conditions. We use several platforms on the shootings to alternate the points of view on the ground and in height. We also perform 3D modeling to highlight the internal architecture of the scissors and to account for the complexity of the machines.

In terms of formats, how are PULSEO demo videos available?

We work with Haulotte on very precise scenarios. Each sequence is meticulously scripted. The images must perfectly illustrate the arguments stated by the voice-over. The final version lasts a little more than 5 minutes. There is a version in French and a version dubbed in English that has been subtitled in a dozen of other languages.

What are the particularities of shootings like these?

We have also produced other footage on technical maintenance and repair topics. They will be used internally for e-learning training modules.

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