Behind the scenes of the launch of the HA16 E

For the launch of its new HA16E rough-terrain electric articulating boom, Haulotte has come up with an innovative visual communication campaign, rewriting the story of Romeo and Juliet. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at a campaign orchestrated for… Valentine’s Day.

What if you fell in love with the new HA16 E articulating boom? Haulotte created a surprise on 14 February 2024 for the launch of its latest all-terrain electric articulating boom in the PULSEO range. 

On Valentine’s Day, Internet users discovered a brand-new communication campaign in the world of construction and public works, with a video on the theme of Romeo and Juliet. To bring flowers to his beloved, Romeo pilots an HA16 E, equally at home in the alleys of a park or on a rough building site. 

Arriving at the beauty’s castle, the articulating boom hoists Romeo silently and safely towards the second-floor window.

A disruptive campaign

While in the 16th century Romeo and Juliet couldn’t live their love story, Haulotte is now making it possible with the right equipment and a campaign broadcast on the brand’s social networks.

« For a disruptive product – a 16-meter, all-terrain, electric articulating boom with a removable charging system – we needed a disruptive campaign that would reflect our difference and creativity, » says Carine Ploton, Head of Corporate Communications.

Teams from the Communications and Marketing departments spent a year working on the launch of this articulating boom. The idea of « rewriting the story » of Romeo and Juliet was born of a collaboration with the Altavia Aura communications agency.

The idea? Remake the mythical balcony scene, but above all reinvent the daily lives of Haulotte customers by offering them an electric product with the same performance as a combustion engine, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

A universal story

« This love story touches everyone and has a universal appeal. It’s internationally known and therefore perfectly suited to Haulotte. We wanted to bring more emotion and appeal than usual with this launch campaign, » explains Nadja Louvet, Product and Service Communications Manager.

We then had to write the scripts, find the right sites for the shoot, organize visits, apply for permits, and adapt to weather constraints.Filming finally took place in September 2023 in eight different locations, including the Château du Jarez in Saint-Chamond for the final scene, all less than 100 km from Haulotte’s headquarters in Lorette (Loire).

The various shots demonstrated the HA16 E’s all-terrain capabilities and its versatility: silent, usable indoors and outdoors, perfect for urban use on sensitive ground.The film crews also tested the rig’s autonomy, thanks to its Range Extender, a removable generator that recharges the battery to 80% in 3 hours.

Committed employees

For both the video and photo shoots, many Haulotte employees got involved to facilitate the use of the machines, take care of logistics and appear as extras. Romeo and Juliet were played by two Haulotte employees, Romain and Marianne. 

« I was able to use this machine, on which I had already worked, in different circumstances from those of everyday life and to see behind the scenes of a film shoot, which was original and very interesting. I had to explain to my wife that I was going to play Romeo (laughs). I brought her back the bouquet of flowers after the day’s shooting, » recalls Romain Doudaine, mechanical testing engineer at Haulotte’s Test and Validation Center.

The production of 200 video rushes was also used to create a sales video and several in-house films to train teams in the specific features of the new machine. Over 300 photos were selected from 5,000 shots to be used in communication documents in 11 languages. The romance was also featured on Haulotte’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram social networks in 13 countries.

« Posts on the theme of Romeo and Juliet have higher engagement rates, and this campaign has generated a lot of press coverage, » says Emma Guillaume, Social Media manager. The love story continues…

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