Restart by Haulotte: “equipment as good as new!”

Based in Saint-Etienne, France, the Oriol family business, which specializes in plumbing, air conditioning, heating and ventilation, has purchased several used aerial work platforms from the Restart by Haulotte reconditioning program. Gaëtan Roubin, co-manager of this 60-employee company, explains the reasons for this choice.

Could you tell us about Oriol, its values and your role within the organization?

Oriol is a family-run plumbing, heating, air-conditioning and ventilation company founded in 1943 in Saint-Etienne (Loire) by Joseph Oriol. With 60 employees and an integrated design office, the company generated sales of 14 million euros in 2023 in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.

We own our own fleet of vehicles, aerial work platforms and tooling, as well as a large inventory which makes us unique in our service offer in this area.

The company also has a maintenance subsidiary, Ma.t.ch, which employs 14 people and generates 1.2 million euros in sales. I joined Oriol in 2001 as site foreman and was the 13th employee.

The company was run by the Oriol family until 2012, when we took it over with two other partners. As joint managing director, I’m in charge of the company’s organization. Alain Odouard is in charge of administration, and Nicolas Cellier manages Ma.t.ch. Oriol has managed to retain its family dimension, while remaining attentive to the needs of our employees and customers.

Is there a project you're proud of that you would like to tell us about?

We’re proud to put our expertise to work for the development of Saint-Etienne and the surrounding region. 

Among our major achievements, we installed the heating systems and sanitary facilities at the Geoffroy Guichard stadium in Saint-Etienne, as well as at the Cité du Design, the Parc-Musée de la mine du Puits Couriot, and more recently at the new Arena hall in Saint-Chamond. 

Our company also works extensively on tertiary, industrial and residential buildings, as well as hospitals.

How long have you been working with Haulotte and why?

We acquired our first Haulotte MEWP in 2016. We needed it for a Ministry of Justice project at the La Talaudière prison, which required us to work at height in a constrained environment. Since then, we’ve been buying an average of one aerial work platform a year, and it was important for us to work with a local company. We only use them indoors, especially on industrial sites. We only have electric scissor lifts such as Optimum 8, Compact 8 and 14, HA12 CJ articulating lifts…

Why do you prefer to buy aerial work platforms rather than rent them?


In our plumbing business, adaptability is essential. On construction sites, we often depend on the progress of other trades: bricklayers, plasterers, electricians….

Our sites can be shifted by a week at the last minute, so it’s easier to have our machines available at all times. This is also important for repairs. When we need to intervene quickly on a unit heater 5m high that is not working, we need to have a MEWP at our disposal.

Otherwise, we’d have to send personnel up with a ladder, which would cause safety problems. Having our own lifting equipment guarantees us constant availability and flexibility, as well as rapid intervention in complete safety.

How did you first hear about Restart Center's offer of reconditioned MEWP?

It was by contacting the Haulotte sales representative we work with. We wanted to buy a new aerial work platform, but the delivery date of 2022 was one year away, due to the difficulties linked to the Covid crisis. But we needed it fast.

He offered us a reconditioned MEWP within a month, at a slightly lower price. Above all, the environmental and circular aspect is important to us. We were among the first customers of this new Restart by Haulotte offer.

What was your experience of using Restart MEWPs like?

The operating experience has been excellent. MEWPs are overhauled, batteries or cylinders changed, paintwork is redone, and there is a complete overhaul procedure including more than 50 checkpoints.

The equipment is certified and guaranteed for several months. For me, it’s like new, and that’s what I explain to my contacts. As far as after-sales service is concerned, Haulotte’s technicians are very efficient.  

Was the Restart offer's circular economy approach a factor in your decision?

At Oriol, we strive to avoid waste and recycle what we can. We work as much as possible with inert materials such as copper and steel and limit the use of synthetic materials.

We also try to use as many French suppliers as possible. For over 15 years, we have been sorting our waste at Oriol, with skips for cardboard, wood, scrap metal, glass, ceramics and concrete…

Our trucks are new, and all meet the latest environmental standards. The company holds numerous quality and environmental labels (RGE, Qualibat, Qualibois…). Oriol’s head office is equipped with solar panels and has been fully insulated to prevent energy loss.

We are committed to a CSR approach, even if we are not seeking certification. In view of all these actions, the Restart by Haulotte approach is very appealing to us, and fits in perfectly with Oriol’s corporate values.

Haulotte broke new ground in 2022 with the launch of Europe’s first « manufacturer’s » reconditioning center for used aerial work platforms. Restart by Haulotte makes it possible to supply customers like Oriol with reconditioned, certified aerial work platforms at competitive prices. To develop this program, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint of equipment, Haulotte has converted one of its factories and trained staff in a specific industrial process. Haulotte is committed to the circular economy, and is working to improve the carbon footprint of its equipment throughout its entire life cycle. Deployed across Europe, Restart by Haulotte was awarded the Grand Prix du Matériels-Chantiers de France in March 2023.

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