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Maintenance is an important part of the Total Cost of Ownership for a machine. For more than a year, Haulotte has initiated a long-term maintenance standardization and optimization process. This customer-centric project has significantly improved the TCO of Haulotte’s machines, which are some of the most economical to maintain among the market.

New preventive maintenance schedules over the range

Thanks to an efficient collaboration between Haulotte and its suppliers:

Cables replacement

Previous maintenance schedules New maintenance schedules
STAR 8/10 (US name STAR 22J/26J) every 5 years every 10 years
HT23 (US name HT67) every 7 years every 10 years

The following machines in the 2019 product portfolio are concerned :

• Diesel powered articulated/telescopic booms,
• Electric articulated booms,
• Electric scissors,
• Diesel powered scissors,
• Masts,
• Telehandlers.

The new manuals will be available on E-technical information soon !


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Maintenance TCO costs reduced by up to -35%

The impacts, in terms of maintenance costs, are particularly impressive on articulated and telescopic booms, with a cost decrease up to -35%.

Previous maintenance schedules New maintenance schedules
HA16 (US name HA46) 131 100 (-24%)
HA20 132 100 (-24%)
HT23 (US name HT67) 155 100 (-35%)
HSX (US name HRT 111 100 (-10%)

Maintenance costs comparison between previous and new Haulotte maintenance schedules (100 basis)

Thanks to the effort of standardization and optimization, Haulotte machines are among some of the most economical to maintain.

Harmonization & new presentation of the preventive maintenance schedules

In order to be more accessible, more understandable and more efficient in their deployment, actions are no longer sorted by items anymore. The maintenance schedules are now pre-sented through checklists for each time interval.

Haulotte also paid special attention to users :

• The rationalized daily inspection checklist is now displayed in the user’s manual, in order to better fit with the needs.
• The new format includes a dedicated area to highlight information related to the controls.

Haulotte strives to focus its daily work on improving Customer Experience. This project is a powerful example since it improves the Total Cost of Ownership of the machines. The new maintenance schedules will also apply to the group’s future machines.

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