HA16 E: behind the scenes of the new electric articulating boom

Benoit Baleydier, Project Manager at Haulotte, and Cédric Faure, Product Manager, reveal the design details of this innovative articulating boom.

The HA16 E is the latest addition to the PULSEO range. This all-terrain, 100% electric articulated machine offers performance similar to that of an internal combustion engine. Benoit Baleydier, Project Manager at Haulotte, and Cédric Faure, Product Manager, reveal the design details of this innovative articulating boom.

PULSEO Range Haulotte

Haulotte continues its « Blue Strategy » with the electrification of its rough-terrain aerial work platforms and the launch of the long-awaited HA16 E. This articulating boom can work at heights of up to 16 meters. It completes the PULSEO range launched in 2018 with the HA20 LE, then extended with the HS15 E and HS18 E all-terrain electric scissor lifts. 

Its strengths? Its long autonomy, enabling it to work for more than a full day in 100% electric mode. Its all-terrain architecture and performance enable it to work efficiently throughout the entire worksite, from start-up to finishing.

Great autonomy

« This was the specification for this machine, shared by Haulotte and our customers: to bring satisfaction to users while retaining the same off-road performance as the 16-meter thermal model, the HA16 RTJ » stresses project manager Benoit Baleydier. 

The new HA16 E allows unlimited use thanks to its Range Extender, a removable generator that recharges the machine (80% in 3 hours) even when there is no access to electricity on the worksite. « It’s a real plus in the face of any fears about the machine’s autonomy, » assures Product Manager Cédric Faure. The Range Extender is common to all models in the PULSEO range (except HA20 LE) and is interchangeable between them, for greater flexibility on the worksite.

Brick design

 « With each new model, we work on a brick-by-brick design. We reuse efficient technologies from previous articulating booms, as well as certain parts. This allowed us to focus on the new electrical architecture, which is the real innovation on the HA16 E. This was the first time we had designed a 100% electric articulated all-terrain machine compatible with a Range Extender. This brick-by-brick design enabled us to limit development time, and keep schedules and costs under control, » explains Benoit Baleydier.

This mastery is essential, especially in a segment as competitive as 16-meter rough-terrain articulating booms, and the strong demand for electrical equipment. « With the introduction of Low Emission Zones and the demand for clean worksites, we have identified several world markets for electric multi-purpose articulating booms » says Cédric Faure.

« In terms of innovation, the PRO version of the HA16 E also includes Haulotte’s exclusive safety features, such as the Haulotte Activ’Shield Bar to prevent the risk of crushing, and the Haulotte Activ’Lighting System for improved visibility, » adds Benoit Baleydier.

An increased onboard load

Development of the HA16 E took only two years. « By relying on previous equipment, we were able to anticipate many of the issues involved in switching from internal combustion to electric power. Increasingly precise, reliable and predictive simulations of crossing, autonomy and mechanics have also enabled us to reduce development times. We also have a wealth of experience in electric vehicles, since 70% of our machines already run on batteries, » explains Benoit Baleydier.

Haulotte’s customers were also involved in every stage of the process, from market research to testing, from drawing up specifications to 3D reviews and prototypes. « We managed to achieve an onboard load of 300 kg to meet their requirements. Initial feedback has been very positive. The new HA16 E has been tested by several of our rental agency partners. It has even been tested in Scandinavia, where its off-road performance and autonomy were convincing despite the extreme cold, » says Cédric Faure.

A versatile platform

In and out application for the HA16 E

The HA16 E is a highly versatile articulating boom. Its electric architecture, combined with its all-terrain performance, makes it perfectly adaptable to both indoor and outdoor applications, while ensuring quiet, emission-free operation. « It can be used day and night, from the beginning to the end of a worksite, from structural work to finishing touches. This is an advantage for rental companies and their customers: there’s no longer any need to have a thermal machine outdoors, and an electric machine indoors. This means less transport of machines, less pollution and lower costs, » assures Cédric Faure.

An offbeat campaign

The HA16 E all-terrain electric articulating boom was launched on Valentine’s Day, with an advertising campaign based on the romantic and universal story of Romeo and Juliet. For the company, this campaign is a clear attempt to highlight its difference and creativity. Haulotte’s aim is twofold: to reinvent the story of Romeo and Juliet by reworking the mythical balcony scene, but also to reinvent its customers’ daily lives by offering them an electric product with the same performance as a combustion engine.

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