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TECADI is a company dedicated mainly to selling and renting machinery and equipment for construction and industry. Founded in 1985, TECADI is an icon of reference for the private and state companies in Costa Rica.

Allan Meltzer, its CEO has been in the company for more than 15 years, talked to Haulotte about the Costa Rican market, future trends, and the 10th anniversary of the TECADI-Haulotte relationship.

Could you tell us a little bit more about the company, its activities, and customers?

The company’s founders background in construction has contributed to TECADI’s input to a better understanding of the market needs. Our main clients are the major construction companies in the country. As the company has matured, it has diversified and increased its portfolio of equipment to offer for the construction and industrial markets. In addition to the Sale and Rent of equipment, the company also provides after-sales services support to all its customers. TECADI also has a third commercial division that involves the rental of temporary structures for special events such as concerts and massive events. 

The company has more than 35 years of experience and is one of the leading construction machinery dealers in the country.

The 10th anniversary of the TECADI – HAULOTTE's relationship was a few weeks ago. Could you explain to us the mutations in the market between now and when you started?

The market in Costa Rica has been evolving, and the use and need for personnel lifts have increased with higher regulations. Given the speed and safety concerns during the construction process, construction companies and end-users are more inclined to use MEWPs than conventional scaffolding.

This new condition has allowed us to grow hand in hand with Haulotte. We are delighted to have a relationship for more than ten years with Haulotte, a company whose personnel and equipment are of the highest quality and standards. Since we began our relationship with Haulotte, we have always maintained a majority market share in the country, covering up to 50% of the market with the Haulotte equipment. Nowadays, we can see a more mature market using this type of platforms. 

We know that Costa Rica is very involved in environmental issues. What are the consequences for your business?

Costa Rica is known worldwide for its deep concern for the environment and its green policies. Today, the government is fighting and posting new regulations towards becoming a carbon-neutral country, promoting clean energy solutions. Government policies, both private and governmental, have been directed towards this direction. All this movement has promoted the use of electric engine vehicles and equipment. The country provides aid and support companies that decide to import electrically driven equipment rather than internal combustion units. In addition, companies are being motivated by government restrictions to get certified as a neutral-emission company.   

With Haulotte, TECADI has managed to import the latest technology, electric and environmentally-friendly equipment available. This has helped us reach different markets and provide all kinds of solutions to our customers.

Costa Rica has always fought for the environment; a great deal of tourism here is green tourism and is among the countries with the highest natural reserves in the world per territory. All this has a direct effect and influence on the client’s preference for equipment. 

According to you, what are the critical factors for the expansion/growth of your company?

The main factor for growth has always been the focus on after-sales service. Nowadays, the competition is quite intense. You must be at the forefront of keeping the customer satisfied with the equipment, allowing them to maximize the hours of use and efficiency of the machine rented or purchased. This is achieved with solid after-sales service and support and knowing the customer needs. Currently, Haulotte has a very broad range of equipment, which allows us to present the customer with various options that can solve their needs. 

Haulotte constantly updates and improves its equipment portfolio; this is essential for the end-user’s continually changing conditions and requirements. 

In your opinion, what will be the future of your market and customer demand?

Due to the country’s clean energy policies and the new standard in construction for friendly environment conditions, the trends of electrical equipment and clean technologies are becoming very popular and strict in the country. We expect that these policies will remain and will probably increase in the long term. 

To maximize cost efficiencies and due to new regulation flexibilities, construction has evolved into higher buildings and higher warehousing structures. This new reality has resulted in the need for high-reach and friendly environment equipment. Haulotte’s new HA20LE model and all its high-reach PULSEO GENERATION units are a perfect solution for the most requested jobs required in these new construction conditions. 

Talking about the HA20 LE, you bought many of these machines. What are the perspectives for that type of electric rough-terrain equipment?

This model equipment satisfies many of the different market’s needs. The HA20 LE is high-tech equipment electric model, self-sufficient due to its integrated battery charger, and it is equipped with all-terrain non-marking tires that can be used both indoors and outdoors.  

The HA20 LE is a very well-designed and versatile unit that can solve most of the needs for most construction and industrial requirements. This equipment also has an integrated scanner for faults detections that saves the end-user time to solve any inconvenience that the machine may have. 

Haulotte has succeeded in the design of this machine’s generation, and it will probably have an increase in demand as customers use and try this model.

After 10 years of relationship, what is important to you?

We have an excellent commercial and personal relationship with Haulotte’s personnel. 

To increase customer awareness and the presence of the band and products worldwide, any investment action in marketing will strengthen us as a group and both the brand and its distributors. One of the winning factors that make Haulotte a preferred band is its high-end technology and the ideal price/quality ratio of its products.

The great support and cooperation between dealer and factory have been essential for the success we have had with Haulotte during these years. The knowledge we have of the local market and the support of the factory have led us to a successful story in the development of the brand for this market.

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