Hire 21: Haulotte received two awards by customers

A look back to a special event

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A knockout crowd gathered at Australia’s leading event for the Equipment Rental Market Hire 21 held on the iconic Gold Coast on 12 and 13 May. It was the first time the industry had gathered under one roof since the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre was abuzz with 850 delegates and exhibitors eager to showcase their products, explore and reconnect with their industry competitors and partners.

There was plenty to celebrate and be grateful for. Every attendee was well aware that the ability to gather together was something special and not possible for others in various locations around the world.

Haulotte had very good reason to be super thrilled after receiving not one, but two awards.

They were voted by customers as Supplier of the Year (for the second year running) and Best New Product for their leading edge electric rough terrain mobile elevating work platform, the HS15E.

The award wins have been a source of inspiration for Haulotte and the company has a great sense of pride, and are humbled, as result of the wins. It will keep them well motivated and on track into the future.

Haulotte’s Australian General Manager Keith Clarke formed part of a vibrant program of industry leaders and experts who shared their challenges, opportunities and solutions over the last 18 months. Global trends, digital transformation, CX, data & analytics, IoT, and sustainability were hot topic for discussion.

Clarke shared his views on what would shape the rental market so that it’s fit-for-purpose, profitable and efficient into the future, which he summed up as being in the stages of the engines, efforts in low emissions and Ultra Low Emission Zones, the development of lead-acid batteries- which are almost 100% recyclable – and the future potential of hydrogen.

Backed up with research and evidence, Clarke discussed the trends and innovations taking place right now in Europe and the UK and gave real-world examples here at home in Australia. He talked about initiatives pushing to a more environmentally friendly

world, as the LoxGreen division from LOXAM Group. In this division, they’re only going to produce green and environmentally friendly products. The company’s clean, green and innovative product solutions coupled with their superior customer service set the perfect platform for the company’s ‘Blue Strategy’ which launched in 2019. The goal is to make every piece of equipment non-diesel in the future, and they’re well on their way. ‘Clean’ and ‘green’ aren’t just buzz words to Haulotte.

Haulotte’s motivation lies in its desire to be part of an international and responsible marketplace considerate of the needs of the local and global community, their natural environments and the contexts in which they operate.

They understand the need to deliver affordable, versatile, low-emission products that deliver and meet the needs of their clients.

During HIRE 21, Haulotte had opportunity to talk directly with customers to find out their experiences.

Here’s what Haulotte customer Chris Ryan, who is General Manager of Want Access a hire and training equipment company in Australia, had to say.

What does your company do?

We process about 950 pieces of equipment, of which 22 are telehandlers. We operate in Sydney,  Wollongong on the central coast, and do some regional work in New South Wales. It is a family-owned company, about 7 years old, specializing in process. We do it well, and we don’t try to deviate from that.  

What are your activities in Australia?

We operate mainly on Tier one sites, such as those owned by Lendlease, Multiplex and Westfield, and we do a lot of infrastructure tunnels.

How has the health crisis impacted your activities?

While it may have slowed business down for some, it kept going for us because the construction industry kept going in Australia, unless they were broader issues with workforces. Tunneling works often require people to come from interstate which did mean some delays.  Australia’s position compared to the rest of the world regarding Covid is actually fairly good. Equipment is manufactured here, which puts us in a good position because it means it could push up demand from our customers and even attract new ones in the future. 

How do you think the rental and elevation market will evolve in the future, post-COVID?

Clean and green is the way to go, there’s no doubt about it. Everyone is trying to do similar things, but I think what Haulotte have done here is pretty new with this particular machine. When we look at rental suppliers we have an expectation that they need to do a lot, because we do. When we order equipment, it needs to be there asap for us to keep our customer and to keep being the first option for them. Haulotte get equipment to the site, right away, when we need it.

How would you describe your relationship with Haulotte?

They’re good to deal with and they make the job simple. Haulotte would move heaven and earth to get things done. And that’s what drives a good relationship. Moreover, they’ve stepped up. The innovations they have got are brilliant.

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