Reconditioned or second-hand lifting equipment: what’s the difference?

While the used construction and lifting equipment market has existed for a while, reconditioned equipment market is daily evolving. How choosing between those 2 options, and what's the main differences?

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#1 Second-hand, in other words?

Pre-owned equipment is a perfect way to establish or enlarge a fleet at lower cost for a better return on investment.

There are no rules governing a « second-hand » product. The condition of the machine may be very good or mediocre, it simply means an object that has already been used. Second-hand sales therefore enable you to resell (often at lower cost) used products, in more or less poor condition, without needing to carry out any repairs.

Regarding boom, scissors lifts and other construction equipment, it’s extremely rare to find some in near-new condition on the second-hand market. Since their purchase price is generally high, they were acquired via a financing plan, and so their operation is planned over many years. A second-hand purchase can be made in a wide variety of ways, either directly from a professional or from specialized physical retailers or marketplaces. In all cases, warranty levels vary and depend on the seller. Today, many matchmaking platforms have emerged to capitalize on the second-hand trend: ecological and economical. 


  • fast, because there’s no middleman
  • good price (provided you know the market)
  • accessible to any private individual


  • products with potential malfunctions
  • tedious process: taking photos, finding the right price, finding a buyer
  • no guarantees
  • bad faith and high risk of scams

What’s the best option for 2nd hand equipment?

Haulotte offers second hand equipment

Find your next machine among a wide range of pre-owned equipment offered by a manufacturer!

A quick and easy way to meet your needs and your budget with the guarantee to have equipment verified by the manufacturer, without any safety defect! For example Haulotte has implemented strict inspection processes to ensure that pre-owned machines meet the highest quality standards. Model, year of initial registration, mileage and more: it’s easy to choose the right pre-owned MEWP with machine-specific ads including several photos as well as a comprehensive list of features.

> More info about Haulotte second hand offers

#2 What does "reconditioned equipment" mean?

Reconditioned products are also second-hand, meaning that they are used but have been repaired or refurbished. Reconditioning is an economical way to buy pre-owned lifting or construction equipment.

This can be through a marketplace or a physical retailer. In many cases, reconditioning companies buy damaged equipment directly from the manufacturer, refurbish it with varying degrees of intensity depending on its original condition, and then put it back on the market at a price that is generally higher than second-hand equipment, but lower than that of new.



  • secure purchase for the buyer, through a professional intermediary
  • often accompanied by a warranty
  • no nasty surprises


  • lower price for the seller, since the reconditioner is responsible for « refurbishing » the product

Why buy reconditioned rather than used equipment?

Generally speaking, all machines used on construction sites represent a risk for their operators. Incorrect use of the machine, or irregular or poorly performed maintenance, can lead to safety risks for operators. With this in mind, it’s vital to purchase equipment that has been professionally tested, and that comes with a guarantee on its working order and maintenance, and even an up-to-date service log. Unlike second-hand products, reconditioned products offer offers that justify these guarantees.


For example, the Restart Center, Haulotte’s reconditioning program, offers machines that have undergone a reconditioning « program » that varies according to the year the machine was built, and therefore its age. All equipment are carefully inspected and then resold in perfect working condition at a low investment cost.

A manufacturer-led reconditioning program provides additional guarantees that even a specialized reconditioning service provider cannot offer:

  • machine knowledge
  • replacement of spare parts with new original parts
  • team expertise on specific machines, either old or with special options

In short, buying reconditioned aerial work platforms means taking a sustainable development approach by investing in existing equipment rather than creating new ones. It means paying a better price for a machine that’s still in good working order. 

More information about the Restart by Haulotte
buy your used lifting platform with complete confidence!

The RESTART by Haulotte program is part of an approach that favors more sustainable development: Haulotte’s used lifting platforms are returned and then revalued in the RESTART Center, the first “manufacturer” reconditioning center for used lifting platforms in Europe.

Each lifting platform is selected then carefully inspected by the technical experts at the RESTART Center. The lifts are subject to more than 50 inspection points, in line with the Group’s standards, before being considered operational. A certificate attests that the machine is compliant with the regulations in force from its date of manufacture.
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