How to select the perfect HTL attachment?


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Telehandlers are multi-purpose machines that can be used for a wide range of applications by choosing from a comprehensive range of attachments. Here is a brief overview of the more popular HTL attachments.

Contractors love telehandlers because they meet all professionals’ most demanding requirements. By attaching different accessories, these versatile machines can complete countless tasks on a construction site, from the beginning phase to jobsite clean-up at the end of job. The number of attachments can be endless, depending on the work site application: picking or unloading a pallet, suspending a load, transporting pipe, carrying and dumping loose material, lifting people…



Carriages are by far the most popular attachment in use on telehandlers and are often supplied as a standard with all machines. The standard forks carriage is essential on most job sites, allowing the operator to pick up and place materials like pallets, concrete blocks, etc. The width of the load as well as the material being moved both determine the right carriage width for the application. Enhanced carriage features are available for more demanding applications (Side tilt carriage, Side swing carriage, Side shifting carriage…)


General-purpose buckets are designed for picking up bulk material such as sand, gravel or soil. They can also be used for cleaning up around the work site but are under no circumstances for excavation work. Special buckets (such as toothed or multipurpose ones) are dedicated to earth moving. They expand the HTL’s capabilities and can be used on all types of low abrasion ground and are perfectly suited to construction and excavation work. As grapple buckets clamp down, they are ideal to secure hard-to-maintain materials during transportation.



Other attachments increase the versatility and productivity of telehandlers:

Lifting hooks are perfect for safe suspended heavy load handling. They enable end-users to lift and lower objects without changing attachments.

Jibs are ideal for lifting and placing objects such as beams around the job site; they improve the forward reach of the HTL

Work platforms extend the capabilities of your telehandler: working at height is possible as the platform can elevate people.

The above list is not exhaustive, and a wide array of attachments is available to perform a task. Remember, using the wrong attachment could damage the equipment or cause serious injuries. We recommend considering the jobsite needs before assembling an attachment for each particular telehandler.

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