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Max Guillerd (Customer Service Training Manager) joined the Haulotte group 20 years ago (in 1999). He is a senior technician who has held various positions in the « Technical Assistance » department, and then at the Haulotte Services training department. First a trainer for Haulotte’s major customers and then for the group’s after-sales service subsidiaries, Max Guillerd has been responsible for recruiting and coaching Haulotte trainers for the past 7 years.

Evgueniya Soloviova  (Customer Service Training Manager) joined the Haulotte Group’s training division in October 2017. As an expert in teaching methods, corporate training and company management for more than 20 years, she brings her knowledge and methodological know-how as well as her interpersonal skills to support the deployment of the Haulotte training courses at an international level.

How would you define the training offer for Haulotte brand customers?

Max G. Today, the Haulotte group is positioned as a 360° technical partner for its customers throughout the entire life cycle of its machines. Competency management is a major issue for all our customers, mainly lift equipment rental companies. Therefore, the technical training for maintenance and repair that we offer occupies a central place in our service offer.

Evgueniya S. We have developed and structured a complete and qualifying technical training offer for all our customers and rental companies that use our machines on a daily basis. With 45 Haulotte trainers spread across our 21 subsidiaries around the world, we offer multi-level training courses in more than 10 different languages.

From diagnosis to post-training follow-up and content adaptation, the Haulotte Service training courses support the skills development of our customers' teams, ensuring an optimized machine utilization rate and better profitability

In concrete terms, how are these different training courses organized?

Max G. The “first brand experience” and basic maintenance sessions are automatically offered to all our customers when they acquire a new model. Then we personalize a more or less advanced technical training program adapted to the needs of each company for diagnosis, troubleshooting and repair. Our training offer is aimed at machine park managers, mechanics, workshop repairers and field technicians divided into zones. The basic training courses are about half a day per model. More advanced training modules range from one to two days per model, delivered on demand.

Evgueniya S. The learning sessions always combine theoretical and practical sequences, in the customer’s work environment or in one of our dedicated centers and then in e-learning. The knowledge acquired during each training session is validated by a final test, with different levels of accreditation. For each technical intervention on a Haulotte machine, the technician must be authorized by means of a numerical code. This system guarantees the level of competence and access to the safety functions of the machines to authorized technicians only. Our training courses constitute a strong added value for all Haulotte customers. The level of satisfaction is on average higher than 9/10.

Haulotte provides technical training for Integrated Logistics CO. in Kuwait

What is the profile of a Haulotte trainer today?

Max G. Haulotte Services currently offers an international team of 45 trainers. We mainly recruit 2 different types of profiles. In house: Haulotte mechanics and repairers with several years of field experience. Externally: specialized technicians / engineers (in mechanical, hydraulic and electrical engineering) able to integrate our teams of trainers. Then there are 4 different skill levels within the team of trainers. Our junior trainers, level 1 for basic training; level 2 for more technical training; level 3 for « expert » training and the organization of training courses, and level 4 for “super experts” for the management of Haulotte trainings on each continent.

Evgueniya S. Since 2012, Haulotte has introduced an entrance exam to become a trainer including 3 tests: technical, English and personality tests that allow us to better know the candidate and to evaluate his level of motivation to become a trainer. Haulotte trainers have different profiles depending on the subsidiaries and countries, but they must always possess strong technical expertise, good pedagogical skills and be able to deliver their training in English and/or their native language.

How do you organize the management and animation of this team of 45 trainers around the world?

Haulotte E-technical information platform


Login : Haulotte-Manuals

Password : manuals


Evgueniya S. We have developed an internal digital platform for the group, entirely dedicated to training where we can exchange, share, progress and collaborate on a daily basis. It includes both the training schedules of each employee and all the training materials in the languages of our subsidiaries. We exchange a lot, both online and in the field. Our trainers regularly come to the international headquarters in France, we also visit our various subsidiaries around the world, and we all meet once a year for an annual seminar.

Max G. All our trainers and clients benefit from our e-training partners platform. In the continuity of the technical training, we offer several types of additional online training support. In addition, we have a fundamental e-technical information center, which allows you to find in a few clicks all the technical data sheets of our machines: operating and maintenance manuals, diagrams of electrical and hydraulic architectures, updates of embedded software, etc., available in more than 25 languages.


What will the main trends be in terms of training at Haulotte over the next 10 years?

Max G. We will develop more and more e-learning training material for remote learning. With the launch of the new all-electric Pulseo generation, we are also moving towards more specialized training in embedded electrical and electronic systems. Soon each repairer will have access to extremely powerful tools for diagnosis assistance, remote repair, etc. We already offer several very promising diagnostic applications.

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