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Faced with the unprecedented scale of the COVID-19 health crisis (editor’s note: more than 180 countries were impacted),  the sales teams of the Haulotte France subsidiary are mobilizing to stay in touch with their customers and are doing everything possible to support them during this difficult period.

We chose to share this initiative with our readers, not only to report on the current situation, but also to bring this message of resilience, which remains anchored in the soul of everyone in the access industry. The Haulotte France teams remain attentive to customers and share their experiences. Eric Guégan, in charge of customer relations in the Eastern France sector, gives us a portrait of two customers.


Established in Beauvais for 34 years, the group, chaired by Antoine LENORMANT, is specialized in the wholesale of various industrial supplies and equipment. The company employs nearly 120 employees, with a turnover of 26 million euros in 2018.

Eric regularly calls Gilles Les Grenier, Sales Manager of the LENORMANT Group, to discuss his company’s activity, advise and meet the needs of this partner. Gilles Les Grenier appreciates this relationship, which allows him to share news in the face of this unprecedented situation, as he states:

"Since the lockdown, we have favoured the protection of our employees while maintaining, even partially, our commercial activity. We have opted for the teleworking of people whose activity allows it and we have maintained an after-sales/parts monitoring (intervention and parts supply) in order to meet our customers’ needs."


As this client points out, « This is not how we all like to work, but at least we all keep in touch! AND we are all looking forward to getting back to work in a more peaceful environment. « 


A major player in the distribution of machines and equipment for construction, public works, industry, green spaces and local authorities, the Group is based in Seclin (Nord – 59), with a network of 5 branches.

Eric Guégan regularly exchanges with Groupe Philmat, listening all the more attentive as its leader, Yannick Matton has been directly affected by COVID-19, and has just recently emerged from three weeks of confinement. As he testifies:

"Like all the players in the sector, we have put in place all the necessary and imperative health and safety measures to maintain our after-sales service and parts service activity as a priority and to be able to continue to intervene and repair. We have given priority to teleworking for those teams that could do so, and have implemented short unemployment measures when necessary. But I never thought I would be part of this wave of contamination! ."

The weekly solicitations that each member of the Haulotte France sales team makes are appreciated. These phone calls allow everyone to express their feelings and vision of the moment. Analyses and restart strategies are gradually being built. The primary objective: kindness, listening and sharing, we are always stronger TOGETHER!

The community around the world of the access industry is not so big but it is very close-knit, and it is this tenacity to maintain the bonds that will allow each player to fare and come out growing, and more than ever ready to bounce.

To be continued….

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