Behind the scenes of the launch of the Compact range

Interview of our 4 actors for this shoot

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During the video shooting of the new Compact range, we had the pleasure of having four of our collaborators on set.
Graciete, Stephan, Minh and Jean-Gabriel joined the communication and marketing team during the shoot to represent different professions. They took their role seriously and with a lot of enthusiasm; they were so happy to see the Compact range in action.
We asked them some questions about their experience with this shoot.
Find out their answers and the behind the scenes of the Compact range here:

How was the shoot?


Stephane : Extremely well. The sun and temperature were a real treat for an April day. We were the only people on location, which made it much easier to prepare the scenes, shoot, and have a relaxed atmosphere so that everyone was comfortable.
This shoot was productive and stress free.

This day also allowed me to understand the convenience of driving a MEWP in a realistic worksite, just like clients would. It also allowed me to see all the innovations of the machine in action.

Minh : Knowing that I work in the purchasing department, it was very interesting to see the marketing and communication teams doing their job. It truly was a discovery for me.

It’s very impressive to see that they all have a skill in artistic management of an image, whether it’s Photoshop or brightness to manage, and also the creativity they have to show to SELL the product is huge, so thank you marketing and communication teams for their work! 

Jean-gabriel : The shooting went well, we were able to shoot outside with beautiful weather since it was just the beginning of Spring. It was very pleasant!

Haulotte marketing and communication teams and the photographer and video team were very attentive and patient. It was hard to improvise and be a studio actor!

I came out of this shoot with a lot of hope for the promotion of our new range of machines.

Graciete : Personnally, I was impressed by what the team needed for a shooting.

It was done beautifully and in a short amount of time, the organization was on point!

What was your favorite moment?

Stephane : The handling of the machine in the warehouse, for the graphic side of the place, and for driving the platform at more than 10 meters high and feeling totally safe. The pleasure of driving the machine while zigzagging to avoid holes and other defects of the ground was one of my favorite moments.

Minh : As for my favorite part, it was the staging of one of the scenes when I had to act sad when the machine would go away. Unfortunately, the onions I got from the canteen were the red kind so I had to rub the onions directly into the eye
but it didn’t work, so I put water on my eyes to simulate tears!

Jean-Gabriel : My favorite moment was when I had to examine the machine with my stethoscope. The machine was very quiet,
it didn’t move.

Graciete : My favorite part was the scene in the office, « on the phone with customers » who want our machines 😊
Pulsar is already a hit in its promotion! Congrats to the communication and marketing teams!!!

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